The "Cistern"

Those staying in Monte San Savino should definitely not miss a visit to the recently restored 16th century Cistern.

Thanks to the metal walkway that crosses it, it can be visited inside (free admission) every day.

Built both with mixed material, both stones and bricks, it consists of two naves each of mt. 26.00x5.00 covered with a barrel vault, connected to each other by four large openings with a rounded arch structure.

Outside, under the two niches, you can see the holes in the water dispensing spouts that have now disappeared.

Galletti's Palace

Galletti's Palace - Monte San Savino
 Galletti's Palace, in whose rooms lived famous guests like Pope Julius  III and Bianca Cappello (the mistress and later wife of Grand Duke  Francesco I), still keeps a beautiful window framed by caryatides. 

Di Monte Palace

Di Monte Palace - Monte San SavinoThe cardinal Antonio Di Monte wanted the construction of this elegant, sixteenth-century and unique building (accrording Giorgio Vasari) in the second decade of the XVI century by the architect Antonio Da Sangallo il Vecchio who designed the plan and the façade. The later internal courtyard and the back part of the palace overlooking the roof garden are both by Nanni di Baccio Bigio. The building of the palace began In 1515 after Cardinal Antonio’s acquisition of houses and estates in the neighborhood.
It is the seat of The Town Council.

The Palace of the Registry

The Palace of the Registry - Monte San SavinoIt was the seat of the Registry of the Municipality. Renewed in 1992, this recatangular plan building is now the public library “G. Colombo” (it preserves about 20000 books ) and the municipal historical archive (over 4000 archival pre-unification units). In this building there were the archives of the town, of the jurisdiction, the clerk of the court’s house and a big hall for the meetings of the General Council of the community.

The Market Lodges

The Market Lodges - Monte San SavinoThese complete Palazzo di Monte which is located right in front of them. Although originally they were attribuited  to Sangallo and just later to Sansovino,  nowadays  we can say that Nanni di Baccio Bigio was the artist who built them (explicitly Vasari  mentioned a lodge open on three sides, Corso Sangallo, Via delle Logge and  Via Sansovino, speaking about the works he realized in Monte San Savino). They include another two connected buildings: the open gallery and a three storey  building.

The Spire - La Guglia

The Spire - La Guglia - Monte San SavinoToday this pyramidal stone obelisk looks very worn out. On the top there is a sphere supporting the Florentine lily. The community of Monte San Savino erected it in 1644 because in the May of that year Mattias de Medici, Granduke Ferdinando II’s brother, was invested with the fief of Monte San Savino.

Il Cassero Fortress

Il Cassero Fortress - Monte San SavinoIl Cassero is the ancient fortress of Ajalta. Nowadays, from the square, we can see only its facade. It is a three story building with a rectangular perimeter, built on a square base, with sloped walls, a sturdy dungeon and four angular watch towers (some parts of these structures can be seen only from inside the Cassero). The merlon has been partially rebuilt.

Ex convent of Saint Claire

Ex convent of Saint Claire - Monte San SavinoConsecrated in 1627, the ex-convent of Saint Claire is now the seat of the of Artisan  Brotherhood club (Fratellanza Artigiana). The church on the right was built later. The entrance is located in Piazza Gamurrini, by the beautiful rustication portal.

Sansovino's house

Sansovino's house - Monte San Savino
It is a three-floors building - the last is perhaps the superelevation of 1515 made by the same artist. You may notice the doorway with arch and the six windows of the upper floors (Venturi): those on the main floor have a cover in the center of lintel.

The ex synagogue

The ex synagogue - Monte San SavinoIts most ancient parts were restored in 1729-32 and more recently, in 1800.In 1799 the Jewish community who had settled in Monte San Savino in 1627 was banished and the building became property of the Jewish University  of Siena. Later, some private citizens bought it, but since 1924 it has been the property of  the town of Monte San Savino (that had provided for its most urgent repairs).

Ex Benedictine Monastery

The ex convent of Immaculate Conception, left by the Benedictine community in 1961, is today an elegant building popular with tourists. Its irregular perimeter contains a core dating back to the  fourteenth-century, which includes the halls, the cells and the interior cloisters, the roof gardens and the church. Next to it there is an outbuilding (now property of the town-hall) which was used as a storeroom  for  the convent.

Verdi's Theatre

Verdi's Theatre - Monte San SavinoThe twentieth century façade of  this theatre, situated in Via Sansovino, is very simple with its three doors. In 2000 it was restored and turned into a movie-theatre with 230 seats and an ovoid plan.It is a classic Italian theatre with stalls and 37 boxes on three rows.

Castle Walls and Doors

Castle Walls - Monte San Savino
The ancient walls that surround the historical centre of  Monte San Savino have  a sloping trend  with an inlet by the Chiesa del Suffragio. The medieval walls (X-XII century) were destroyed in 1325 by Guido Tarlati, bishop and  Lord of Arezzo. Since  that time, a lot of restoration work has been undertaken, the results of which are the current town walls. The last work to be undertaken was the demolition of a part  of the wall with a tower  North of Porta San Giovanni and the repairs of a large  part of the town walls by the department of cultural heritage from 1970 to 1986.

Ex Synagogue

Ex Sinagoga - Monte San SavinoAt numbers 13 and 14 of via Salomon Fiorentino is the building of the ancient Synagogue, the oldest parts of which refer to a restoration that was carried out in the years 1729-32 which was followed by various others in more recent times, especially in '800.

Palazzo Pretorio and Tower

Palazzo Pretorio and Tower - Monte San SavinoThe fourteenth century Magistrate’s Palace is the most ancient, noble, public building in Monte San Savino. It holds the tower of the town which is 30 meters high. We think the Perugini family  built it in 1339 when they began ruling Monte San Savino; in fact they put their coat of arms with the griffon on its facade (later it was removed). Formerly the Palace and its offices extended as far as the Piazza di Monte as it is called today. The Florentine podestà representatives and some deputies of the Lords of Monte San Savino administrated  the penal and civil justice from here with their “family” (XVI and XVII century).


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