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Verniana - Monte San SavinoLocated on the eastern side of the hill of  Cornia, Verniana is the ancient verinianum.The village  was owned by the Scialenga, powerful feudal lords of the Sienese territory. Its people were considered as a part of   the population of  Gargonza and, like Monte San Savino , the village  was taken over by Florence in 1383.


Palazzuolo - Monte San SavinoThis small village is located on the top of the mountain of the same name. It was the residence of Lord Ubertini , a historical enemy of Florence.


Montagnano - Monte San SavinoIn the old days, Montagnano was an important castle  under the jurisdiction of the Cathedral of Arezzo. The castle was owned by the powerful noble family  of Ursi-Griffi until the year 1205.


Gargonza Castle - Monte San SavinoLocated on the top of a hill near Palazzuolo, Gargonza is situated seven kilometers from the centre of Monte San Savino.
The old village of  Gargonza belonged to the Ubertini, but in 1285 was conquered by the people of Arezzo, allies of the Ghibellini , lead by the bishop Vescovo Guglielmino. In 1307 the army of Florence laid siege to its castle but it was fortunately saved.


Alberoro - The Church - Monte San SavinoThe name of the village comes from the latin Arbororum, which means "oak forest".
During the Middle-ages,  Alberoro's properties started being sold to local families, until they became the property of a noble family of Arezzo,  the Albergotti.


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