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Free Wifi in Inner City of Monte San Savino

The historical reenactmen

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"Le Allegrezze": every year in June the community recalls, with a joyful historical procession, the feudal investiture of Baldovino Di Monte who was named count by Cosimo I duke of Tuscany.

The prize of Poetry "G. Salvadori"

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The prize of poetry youth "Giulio Salvadori" is reserved for students of elementary and middle schools of Tuscany. It organized by the municipality of Monte San Savino in honor and memory of his 'son' illustrious scholar-mystic-poet Giulio Salvadori (1862-1928).

The Market

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The Market has ancient traditions and always takes place in the historical center of the capital, every Wednesday morning.
The markets represent an attractive place in which to search for links between the past, present and future of local history and more. Just take a trip to a market that now you have the perception that we have entered a place of memory from which it emerges only with the act of purchase.

Fair of Palms

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Next: 13th April 2014

At the traditional Fair of Palms you can find many local products and, in particular, plants and flowers sold directly by producers. Is a Fair organized by the municipality, with the aim of adding to the general offert framework in the public areas innovative elements of attraction during the tourist season.

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Ogni ape porta in sé il meccanismo dell’universo: ognuna riassume il segreto del mondo. Cit.Michel Onfray . . . . .…

@FiorellaMannoia Grande Fiorella. In una situazione così tragica ci mettiamo a guardare da dove vengono i soldi. Saluti da Monte San Savino❣


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