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The Night Of Conte Baldovino

La notte del Conte Baldovino di Monte
Locandina della rievocazione storica - La notte del Conte Baldovino di Monte
Also confirmed for this year, the traditional appointment with the reenactment of the "Allegrezze".

The week from June 21th to June 28th 2014 will be full of events both recreational and gastronomic ones will be played everyday stages of tournaments "Pallone Grosso", "Caccia di Monte" and "Tiro alla Fune" that will see engaged teams in the various districts of the country (Castiglia, Jalta, Porticciolo Guglielmi, San Giovanni), and also on days 23th,24th,25th and 26th June will be open to turn the "taverns" where desserts and drinks will be served.

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The event program
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Saturday, June 21, 2014
Lucky Dinners

From 8.00pm in every tavern will allestiste propitiatory dinners for information and / or reservations, please contact at individual districts:

Quartiere San Giovanni -
Quartiere Castiglia -
Quartiere Jalta -
Quartiere Porticciolo -

At the end, at the Cassero will be the extraction of the games.

Sunday, June 22, 2014
From 6.30pm First Semi-Final of Pallone Grosso
Monday, June 23, 2014

From 6.30pm Second Semi-Final of Pallone Grosso

From 9.30pm First Semi-Final of Cacccia di Monte

Open Tavern "Castiglia"
Tuesday, June 23, 2014

From 9.30pm Second Semi-Final of Caccia di Monte

Open Tavern "San Giovanni"

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From 9.30pm First and Second Semi-Final of  Tiro alla Fune

Open Tavern  "Porticciolo"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

From 9.30pm Third / Fourth Place of  Caccia di Monte

Open Tavern "Jalta"

Friday, June 27, 2014

From 8.30pm Third / Fourth Place of  Pallone Grosso

It's possible to attend the dinner directly at the chest under the "logge dei mercanti"

From 10.00pm Demo of Gioco dello Scanno

From 23.00pm Third / Fourth Place of  Tiro alla Fune
Saturday, June 28, 2014

From 3.00pm Opening of MERCATO RINASCIMENTALE where you can visit the country set in the Renaissance style with actors in period costumes and craft stalls where you can rediscover old crafts of the time.

From 3.00pm Opening of TAVERN scattered throughout the historic center, where you can taste grilled meats, cold cuts, cheeses and desserts prepared by the kitchens of the districts.

From 6.00pm Beginning of ALLEGREZZE in honor of Conte Baldovino with:

  • Le ragazze in Fiore
  • I commedianti di Monte rappresetano il Chichibio
  • I falconieri del RE (con allestimento di un vero "Zoo" in piazza Jalta)
  • Gli sbandieratori della città di Arezzo

From 6.00pm Final of Tiro alla Fune

From 6.30pm Final of Pallone Grosso

From 7.15pm Final of Caccia di Monte

From 9.30pm Historical Pageant for the investiture of Conte Baldovino
Award of the best dish of:

  • "Bos in Luscello" - Quartiere Jalta
  • "Zuppa delle Nonne" - Quartiere San Giovanni
  • "Galletto alla Porticciolese" - Quartiere Porticciolo
  • "Zuppa dei Tarlati" - Quartiere Castiglia

Followed by the awarding of the Quartiere winner of the Palio
(sum of all points earned in each competition)

  Quartiere CastigliaQuartiere JaltaQuartiere PorticcioloQuartiere San Giovanni
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